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Hot Hot HOT!

Posted on 2009.01.14 at 20:00
Okay I've changed my mind, I don't like the hot weather THIS hot!  Yesterday was 37 C or something.  That's about 99 F for those more familiar with the Fahrenheit scale.  I was working 10 till close, and as predicted, it was very busy!  People seem to like juices a lot in the hot weather.  We cut so much damn fruit.  I have a rash on my arms from the pineapple.  Didn't get a break until about 3:30, cos I forgot about it and then there were so many customers that I felt I shouldn't take it!  We were serving customers right up until security was kicking people out of the centre, and I was so dead tired by then, I just felt like I was on auto and watching myself work.

We had a staff meeting afterwards, which was actually good in a way because a couple of people turned up early and so there were about 7 of us cleaning up, so it got done really quickly.  The meeting only lasted 15 minutes or so, Lealy just wanted to run through a few things.  A lot of staff didn't come anyway, it was basically those of us working that day, Jaekob, Chris, Lealy, and Luke.  Frances was going to come late after work, but Lealy told her not to bother because the meeting would be so short anyway. 

I'm a bit undecided as to whether I'll keep working there when uni starts again.  I don't want to be sucked into working heaps of shifts again, and I've still go the library job.  But I kind of want to keep a couple of shifts a week on during the year.  The people there are really fun to work with, and the pay is great.  Well, still got a month or so to think about it.

Last night was boiling hot.  I didn't have a swim in the pool because I got home so late and really couldn't be bothered, and a shower cooled me down a bit.  I ended up sleeping on a matress next to the front door, with only the flywire door shut, because there was a slight breeze coming through, and I put a facewasher in the freezer to put on my forehead.  Then this morning I went for a swim as soon as I got up.  The pool is actually still quite cold despite this hot weather - only about 24-25 C.  I guess it's because I haven't been putting the cover on overnight (it's a two-man job), and the sun isn't shining on it as directly as it does in December.  Still, it was nice and refreshing.  I did some washing and watered the garden with the rinse water, but so many plants are still looking droopy dammit!  Took Genevieve for a walk just before, as it's cooled down nicely now.  And I finally got some ironing done.  God I hate ironing, especially dad's shirts!  If I ever get married, my husband can wash his own damn shirts.  Stupid collars and shit.  Ooh, and I baked brownies.  Just cos I've never made them before.

I watched a couple of episodes of Coupling today.  The original (and better) UK version, not the US one.  I'd forgotten how funny that show is.  Pity we only have the first season on DVD.

The others get back from Mildura on Friday.  It will be good to see them again, and to have someone to come home to besides the dog, but I have to admit, I do quite like having the house to myself!  Being able to buy what groceries I want, not having to wait for the shower after work, being able to pee with the door open... things like that.  I bet they'll all be so tanned, and I'll feel pasty by comparison from working indoors most days.  Mind you, I did get a fair bit of sun today.  I'll clean again tomorrow, so the house will be spotless when they come home.  I'm just worried about the garden...


hani at 2009-01-14 09:45 (UTC) (Link)
Wow, 37 Celsius would be pushing it for me, too. (From S. E. Asia, too.)

Mmmm, a swimming pool. I imagine that can feel good. Ironing is an annoying chore to do in heat!
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