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Random Rants

Read at own risk...

19 January 1988
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So, I thought I'd update this thing and add a bit more info:

I'm from Melbourne, Australia. I'm currently studying environmental engineering at Monash University. I live on campus at uni, which means living just above the poverty line... It's a lot of fun though.

I'm very interested in environmental issues. I think global warming is a serious threat, and if we don't change our lifestyles considerably, we're going to run into a lot of problems (even more than we are now). There are plenty of ways we can change. It's changing peoples' attitudes that's the problem. Money and affluence can't be given higher priority than the planet.

I've suffered from an eating disorder since I was 14. Anorexia, with episodes of bulimia. I'm in recovery now, and it's going quite well. Life is much, much better now!

I'm very much an atheist. I believe religion brainwashes people. If you believe in a religion but still have your own strong morals and ethics, that's fine, just don't try to convert me. If you believe your religion gives you the right to cause harm to others, then I don't want to hear from you.

I danced for 11 years, and I've recently gotten back into it. Jazz, contemporary, hip hop, salsa, Latin, and any other styles I have time for! I also like any kind of art - painting, drawing, sculpturing, etc. That's just another thing I don't have much time for now. I also have a rather nerdy obsession with physics, astrophysics, theories of the universe, superstring theory, etc.

As for music... I like rock, punk, alternative and metal.

I'm vegan. My reasons are partly because of the cruelty of the meat industry, and partly because of the excessive energy and water involved in meat production, which our planet can't afford.

So... that's me. If you don't like it, please move on. If you have similar interests, please feel free to add me. And if you're procrastinating like I am, GET BACK TO WORK!!

Update 2016; I'm now a science/maths teacher in a country secondary school. Woo!